Perfect Organism: The Alien Saga Podcast

Stasis Interrupted : Ripley After Resurrection : A Script Reading

January 31, 2017

Stasis Interrupted is a category intended for our one off shows that aren't exactly typical episodes for us. This episode is particularly poignant, as this was host Peter Haight's last formal show with Perfect Organism (he will be back here and there). We send him off with our best regards. Peter helped to build Perfect Organism to the show that it is today. Thank you, Peter. 


JM, Ryan and Peter read an unfinised scripted entitled ALIEN : GENESIS, which picks up, months after Ripley 8 has crash landed on earth, and settled in New Russia. JM also reads a portion of a completed (and discarded) script entitled ALIEN : RISING, again, picking up moments after The Betty, from Alien Resurrection, breaks into Earth's atmosphere. We hope you enjoy. A lot of editing and time went into this show.