Perfect Organism: The Alien Saga Podcast

69 // Vincent Ward and the Wooden World (In Defense of Alien 3: Part 5)

October 25, 2017

In this in-depth episode, Patrick sets out to create the definitive account of his favorite unfilmed script: Vincent Ward and John Fasano's legendary Alien III, set on the wood-paneled planetoid of Arceon.

You'll hear firsthand accounts by some of the creative forces behind this fascinating story, as well as extensive analysis of what might've worked, what might've flopped, and what ultimately survived into David Fincher's film. You'll also get the full background on how Ward was brought into the picture, where his unique ideas might've come from, and why he was ultimately ejected from the project.

Patrick also goes through the script in detail, providing his own dramatic synopsis alongside tightly integrated music cues—hopefully giving some sense of what it might've felt like to watch the film, had it been made.

Speaking of the script: if you'd like the read the complete thing, it's available here, for free!


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