Perfect Organism: The Alien Saga Podcast

77 // The Alien 3 Script: Frankenstein’s Beautiful Monster (In Defense of Alien 3: Part 6)

March 6, 2018

At long last, our In Defense of Alien 3 miniseries has arrived at the final shooting script for Alien 3—a strange, wild thing that somehow pulled itself through years of development hell and emerged a dark masterwork.

Ringing with the echoes of all the stories and creators that had come (and left) before, Giler and Hill’s final script is a crazy journey. In this episode, Ryan, JM, and Patrick come together to walk through the actual script as it appears on the page. Along the way, they analyze their favorite moments from the film and discuss why, in their opinions, Alien 3 deserves to be held up as an enduring masterpiece.

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