Episode 39: The A L I E N: Covenant Trailer Reaction

December 27, 2016

Ryan, Peter and JM sit down once again to FINALLY discuss the long awaited trailer and fan reaction to it...

We experienced technical difficulties with this episode, so you will hear two parts. The first part consists of 

all three hosts of Perfect Organism, the second part was recorded later in the day, free of any technical issues

and glitches.... 


Episode 38 : Where The F*#!$ is the A L I E N : Covenant Trailer?

December 14, 2016

Jaime and Ryan discuss all of the latest news surrounding ALIEN Covenant, including the recent press screenings, the set pic leaks, and where in gods green earth is that Alien Covenant trailer??

Peter was feeling under the weather for this episode. He will be back in fine for next time! Thanks for listening, and enjoy!


Stasis Interrupted : Perfect Organism Talks the New ALIEN : Covenant Poster

November 27, 2016

Ryan, Peter and Jaime sit down to discuss the latest poster for ALIEN Covenant, and what it all could mean.


Episode 37: P R O M E T H E U S

November 20, 2016

At long last, Jaime, Peter and new co-host Ryan discuss Prometheus, from beginning to end. THIS IS NOT A BASH FEST. We take our time to discuss what we really love about the film, and what we don't. Take a ride with us. We think you'll enjoy the terrain. :)  


Episode 36: Leaked Images From ALIEN : Covenant

November 1, 2016

JM and new co-host, Ryan Zeid are talking about the latest develops and leaked imagery surrounding ALIEN: Covenant, and what it means, and how fandom is receiving the news. 


Episode 35: Perfect Organism Reviews ALIEN: Out of the Shadows

October 11, 2016

Peter and Jaime review Tim Lebbon’s ALIEN: Out of the Shadows, and the structure of ALIEN films...


Episode 34: Will ALIEN Covenant Be What We Hope?

October 9, 2016

Jaime and Peter discuss the latest surrounding ALIEN: Covenant news...


Episode 33: ‘ALIEN: Covenant IS a Horror Film’

September 13, 2016

Jaime and Peter discuss the latest news, circling back on speculation that perhaps Neill Blomkamp has already been in production on his ALIEN film, Blade Runner tidbits, and more. We hope you enjoy!


Episode 32: JM Interviews Filmmaker Juhani Nurmi

August 15, 2016

JM goes solo on this episode and sits down with filmmaker, writer, and journalist, Juhani Nurmi. Juhani talks about his first love affair with the ALIEN films, his interviews with Ridley Scott, (and David Fincher) and all of the excitement and controversies, surrounding ALIEN : Covenant. We hope you enjoy this episode! 


Episode 31 : Is Neill Blomkamp Quietly Shooting His ALIEN Film?

July 19, 2016

Jaime and Peter discuss the possibility that 20th Century Fox has been quietly, filming Blomkamp’s ALIEN film for a while....