Shoulder of Orion: The Blade Runner Files

August 11, 2017

The guys at Perfect Organism have begun a new podcast, the only one of its kind centered around visionary Ridley Scott's masterpiece, Blade Runner. Give it a listen and show some love on the Shoulder of Orion Facebook page if you can.


Episode 61: Reassessing the Franchise

August 9, 2017

In this episode, Ryan and Dave sit down to discuss where the ALIEN series can go and the recent news post release of ALIEN: Covenant.


Episode 60: Enter Blade Runner

July 25, 2017

On this episode, JM discusses all things Blade Runner with Ryan Allen, the founder of Blade Runner Reality instagram account which has a huge following, and the coinciding Facebook group of the same name. JM and Ryan deconstruct Blade Runner, it's affects in our culture, how it changed us as people, and the upcoming sequel. We hope you enjoy.


Episode 59: Defending ALIEN: Covenant

July 12, 2017

JM is joined by special guest Patrick Greene as they go toe-to-toe, in the best possible way. Patrick is an unashamed enthusiast and Covenant supporter, going on the record to explain his love and defense of the film. It's a riveting and dynamic conversation. One of our longest podcasts yet. Catch Patrick as one of the leads in PROXIMITY: Last Stand At Hadley's Hope, coming in the next few months from Perfect Organism. Enjoy!


Episode 58: The Blomkamp Controversy & Sequel Ideas

July 10, 2017

After a 3 week hiatus, Perfect Organism is back, with a heavy sigh, discussing the latest unfolding news surrounding Blomkamp's dead, ALIEN project, sequel ideas, and so much more.


Episode 57: Where Do We Go From Here?

June 18, 2017

JM and Ryan are back to discuss the state of fandom, the marketing approach to ALIEN: Covenant and so much more. This epsiode is, for all intents and purposes, a debriefing from what's been a crazy ride up through the release of Covenant. Fandom is in an interesting place. We discuss it all. We hope you enjoy!


Episode 56: Dane Hallett & Matt Hatton, Concept Designers on ALIEN: Covenant

June 13, 2017

Dave and JM sit down with ALIEN: Covenant concept designers Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton. In this episode we discuss what went on behind the scenes, how Dane and Matt landed the job, their inspiration, and so much more. We'd like to personally thank both of them for taking time out to be interviewed for our show. What a treat it was. Enjoy!


Episode 55: Engineering Better Worlds

June 7, 2017

In this debut episode, David Gogel and Mykal McCulloch discuss some of the finer points of Alien: Covenant. From creatures to David’s Lab and drawings to the fate of Shaw, Covenant is broken down and discussed in a manner few are yet to do.  For those that enjoy the little details, this episode is for you. Enjoy! 


Episode 54: Breaking The Covenant

May 29, 2017

JM is joined by the esteemed William Robbie, founder and captain of The Weyland Yutani Bulletin, the largest and most active ALIEN-specific group on social media. In this episode, JM and Bill discuss how fandom has received Covenant, the effects that continue to reverberate and polarize fans of the film, since Covenants release. Warning, if you like or love ALIEN: Covenant, you might not want to listen to this. If you choose to listen, we hope that you can do so objectively. These are the opinions of two people, and they're strong ones. Enjoy.


Episode 53: ALIEN: Covenant Roundtable Reaction

May 21, 2017

The Perfect Organism Roundtable convenes to get into our first reactions surrounding the release of ALIEN: Covenant. Jm, Ryan, Mykal, and Dave are joined by Ooge, a senior admin and member of The Weyland Yutani Bulletin to discuss what we saw. This was a yet another really fun and informative episode.